Mailing list 021 02/19/2017

Mailing list nr. 021/2017

Dear friends, dear friends.

TODAY YOU MUST KEEP STRONG !!! Gold reigns supreme ... and what a CHICCHE !!!! There is plenty of choice where to start… let's start from the English! GREAT BRITAIN - Queen Elizabeth II 5 GOLD POUNDS PROOF / MIRROR BOTTOM Year 2000 - GOLD CENTENARY CROWN Portrait of Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II In original box Royal Mint Limited edition of ONLY 3,000 copies This is the sample with Certificate nr . 1654 On sale generally above 1800 British Pounds At the price of Euro 1.749,00 THE BEST PRICE ON THE MARKET! Queen Elizabeth II HALF STERLING GOLD - Half gold Soverieign Year 1996 - In the version BOTTOM MIRROR / PROOF In original box Mint Royal Mint Limited edition of ONLY 7,500 units This is the specimen with Certificate nr. 3548 At the price of Euro 269.00 THE BEST PRICE ON THE MARKET! Pure show !!! UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 50 DOLLARS IN Gold year 2006 West Point Mint American Buffalo One Ounce - 1 Ounce of Pure Gold In the BOTTOM / PROOF version In Original US MINT packaging - First year of issue of the Proof version At a price of Euro 1.329 , 00 do not miss it absolutely !!!! CANADA Queen Elizabeth II 100 Dollars in Gold Year 1988 In the BOTTOM MIRROR / PROOF version In the original Canadian Mint box Certificate nr. 002149 - A quarter of an Ounce of Pure Gold - gr. 7.775 of pure gold At the price of Euro 319.00 a few euros above the gold contained !! AUSTRIA REPUBLIC 50 EURO IN Gold year 2003 2000 Years of Christianity - Christian Charity In the version BOTTOM MIRROR / PROOF In Original Austrian Mint Packaging Grams 10.00 gold 986/1000 At the price of Euro 389.00 a few euros above the gold contained! ! Let's finish with this spectacular Papal Medal! VATICAN CITY - Pope PAUL VI Gold Medal Annual Issue 1977 year XV The Man of Peace frees a FLOWER OF CONIO Dove in Original Pontifical Mint Case !!!! Opus Giacomo Manzù - Very Rare !!!!! Grams 50.75 gold 750/1000 Reference Montenegro nr. 15 FDC euro 4,500.00 At the price of Euro 1,849.00 highly sought after ALSO because it is collected by those looking for works by Giacomo Manzu '! I also remind you that I am in vs. available for estimates and appraisals on your individual coins or collections… contact me for the operating procedures. I still remember that every Thursday you can find me in Milan at the Numismatic and Philatelic Exchange in via Camperio 4. You can collect your Vs. purchases (even those made in my Ebay store) see new coins or have yours appraised! Lastly, I still remember that I am always interested in evaluating purchases of your single coins or entire collections, including gold and silver!

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