Appraisals of coins

Expertise dcoins as a guarantee of authenticity

We believe that making an appraisal of coins represents a fundamental guarantee for those who own them, for those who want to buy them and for those who want to sell them. With our professionalism we guarantee authentic the coin by affixing our personalized guarantee seals (indicating the surname and province of the expert), the descriptive tag and our signature.

We then express our opinion on the degree of conservation of the coin, with professionalism, scruple and meticulousness, respecting the conservation conditions expressed in abbreviations, noting any noteworthy characteristics.

In addition to the standard coin appraisal, we are able to carry out photographic appraisals for coins of greater value or value.

The appraisal can be carried out in our studio by appointment or by correspondence. We can also perform coin appraisals at our stand at the Numismatic conferences we will be attending.


Rates relating to coin appraisals

Appraisal of coins with a value up to € 1000 10 €
Appraisal of coins with a value between € 1000 and € 2500 15 €
Appraisal of coins with a value over € 2500 to estimate
Appraisal of coins with photographic feedback 25 €


It is possible to agree discounted rates for a large number of coins or for an ongoing professional relationship.