Mailing list 059 FINALLY !!! I look forward to seeing you all at the 128th edition of VERONAFIL 2017

Mailing list nr. 059/2017

Dear friends, dear friends.

FINALLY HERE! VERONAFIL 2017 now in its 128th Edition! For commercial operators the appointment is already for tomorrow Thursday 18 May. For collectors and enthusiasts, the conference will begin on Friday 19 May YOU MUST NOT MISS ABSOLUTELY !!! INSTEAD .. ALREADY WE ARE THERE .. LET ME KNOW WHO OF YOU WILL COME !!! Here are the operational details on our. website Numismatic Conferences are a very important opportunity to see coins "live", to discuss and get to know other collectors but above all to meet your trusted Numismatist. You can see the coins on display, see their quality and conservation, the price of course ... and you can calmly decide on your purchase. An important tip ... do not come every Friday at 10 opening hours !!! It will be impossible to follow you all with the same attention… take advantage of the afternoon, even on Saturdays, where the influx of collectors is less high and we traders will be able to be at your disposal with more time. Having said that I WAIT FOR YOU VERY MANY !!!! It will also be an opportunity to exchange greetings, not necessarily to buy coins! I also remind you that I am in vs. available for estimates and appraisals on your individual coins or collections… contact me for the operating procedures. I still remember that every Thursday you can find me in Milan at the Numismatic and Philatelic Exchange in via Camperio 4. You can collect your Vs. purchases (even those made in my Ebay store) see new coins or have yours appraised! Lastly, I still remember that I am always interested in evaluating purchases of your single coins or entire collections, including gold and silver! WARNINGS PURSUANT TO D.LGS. 196/2003 The information contained in this e-mail message and / or in the attached file / s are to be considered strictly confidential. Their use is allowed only to the recipient of the message. If you receive this message without being the recipient, we kindly ask you to notify us by e-mail and to proceed with the destruction of the message itself, deleting it from your system; constitutes behavior contrary to the principles dictated by Legislative Decree 196/2003 to retain the message itself, disclose it even in part, distribute it to other subjects, copy it, or use it for different purposes. Massimo Filisina Numismatica Leonessa Numismatic Expert Brescia Chamber of Commerce Seal Prof. n ° 556 335 6490043