Mailing list 086 25/07/2017 Spectacular mix VEIII, Repubblica and Lotti

Mailing list nr. 086/2017

Dear friends, dear friends.

This morning a nice mix to try to satisfy even the most difficult, even with rarities: Italia Repubblica, Vittorio Emanuele III, Umberto I and some beautiful lots!… What about… it's up to you to take advantage of it! I RECOMMEND… The photos on the new site at the highest resolution! So you can better decide your purchases THAT SAID LET'S TAKE ACTION WITH THIS SPECTACULAR OFFER !!! I always remember that the awards are made in chronological order of receipt of the Vs. reservation, even if you do not receive an immediate response, the chronological order will always be respected! HAVE FUN AND BE VERY FAST! Let's start with these awesome lots! Extraordinary! VATICAN CITY - POPE JOHN PAUL II COMPLETE SERIES "TOWARDS THE HOLY YEAR OF 2000" Composed of 6 Silver Diptychs 10,000 + 10,000 lire Years: 1995 1st series Annunciation and Nativity 1996 2nd Series Baptism at the Jordan and Jesus the Master 1997 3rd series The sedated storm and the healing of the paralytic 1998 4th series Last supper and Crucifixion 1999 5th series the Resurrection and Pentecost 2000 6th series Jerusalem and Rome In an elegant mint box complete with individual certificates! All coins are Proof in the original portholes Each single series is RARE with only 30,000 minted pieces! Total Value Montenegro Catalog 2016 Euro 1.085,00 AT THE PRICE OF EURO 359.00 Shipping amounts to Euro 10.50 with Celere3 package… Only this one available! SPECTACULAR!!!!! One more complete turn! VATICAN CITY - POPE PAUL VI COMPLETE SET ANNUAL DIVISIONALS IN SPECIAL PACKAGES FOR NUMISMATICS FROM YEAR 1 1963 TO YEAR 1978 XVI INCLUDING HOLY YEAR 1975 17 CARDS - UNC IN ORIGINAL MINT PACKAGING AT SPECIAL PRICE OF € 149.00 Shipping euro 10.50 with Pacco Celere3 CANADA - QUEEN ELIZABETH II SERIES ISSUED ON THE OCCASION OF THE 1976 MONTREAL OLYMPIC GAMES Composed of 14 Pieces of 10 DOLLARS IN SILVER Grams 48.60 Silver 925/100 each 14 Pieces of 5 DOLLARS IN SILVER Grams 24.60 SILVER 925/1000 each FOR A TOTAL OF GR. 944,06 OF PURE SILVER COMPLETE SET FLOWER OF ABSOLUTE COINING IN protective porthole IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING MINT !! AT THE PRICE OF EURO 449.00 Shipping amounts to € 10.50 with Celere3 package… Only this one available! Rare and spectacular series! LAOS REPUBLIC SERIES ISSUED ON THE OCCASION 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Republic Composed of 4 SILVER COINS OF 50 KIP YEAR 1985 50 Kip Tempelpagode That Luang in Vientiane 50 Kip Bergkloster Wat Phu 50 Kip That Ing Hang 50 Kip Tkhong Khai Hin RARE Series - Only 2,000 minted series !!!! In conservation FIOR DI CONIO IN ORIGINAL MINT PACKAGING WITH CERTIFICATE !! AT THE PRICE OF EURO 309.00 the absolute best price on the market !!! Extremely beautiful!! TUNISIA HABIB BOURGUIBA Characters and Tunisian history - Year 1969 Series consisting of 10 1 Dinar Silver Coins Proof / PROOF in original mint packaging Only 5,000 series minted in Proof Set AT THE PRICE OF EURO 139.00 together spectacular, spectacular price! Stupendous set of medals REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO TRIPTYCH OF SILVER MEDALS of the FAO World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development Rome 12/18 July 1979 Series consisting of 3 silver medals of gr. 140.00 each, title ag 800/1000 minted in only 5,000 numbered series. By the sculptor Angelo Grilli FIOR DI CONIO in original mint packaging, perfect, with certificates AT THE PRICE OF EURO 179.00 together spectacular, spectacular price! Last chance and super price for this gem of the Numismatic King VITTORIO EMANUELE III KING OF ITALY 5 LIRE IN SILVER 1911 - Fiftieth anniversary of the Kingdom of Italy RARE * R * Only 60,000 minted pieces With good luster of minting Expertise SPL / FDC by the ERPINI expert GIAN FRANCO Ref. Montenegro 2016 SPL 1.500 FDC 61 Euro 3.500 At the price of Euro 1.079,00 more than a balance it is a real sale! Stunning price Stunning shine! 20 LIRE SILVER LITTORE 1927 VI With superb luster of minting Expertise FIOR DI CONIO excellent! by the expert Nip Cavaliere Francesco Ref. Montenegro 2016 FDC 61 Euro 800.00 ecz70 1.200.00 At the price of Euro 519.00 a very fast gift! 2 LIRE EMPIRE 1943 YEAR XXI RARE * R * With good luster of minting Appraised ALMOST FIOR DI CONIO by the Expert Riccardo Paolucci Ref. Montenegro 2016 FDC 61 Euro 450.00 At the price of Euro 159.00 more than a balance is a sale ! UMBERTO I RE D'ITALIA 5 LIRE SILVER SCUDO 1878 Mint of Rome Very Rare * RR * * R2 * Appraised BB + by the Expert Nip Manfredini Paolo Ref. Montenegro 2016 BB 41 EURO 1.000 SPL 51 3.500,00 At the price of Euro 569, 00 Amazing price We end with two rarities of the Republic ITALIAN REPUBLIC 2 LIRE PLOW 1946 RARE * R * Gorgeous appraisal by the expert Nip Paolo Manfredini Ref. Montenegro 2016 SPL 51 EURO 125 FDC 70 Euro 450.00 At the price of Euro 119.00 Do not miss it 2 LIRE OLIVE TREE 1958 VERY RARE * RRR * * R3 * Appraised SPL + by the Expert Nip Paolo Manfredini Ref. Montenegro 2016 SPL 51 300.00 FDC 61 Euro 700.00 At the price of Euro 219.00 Spectacular price The desire of every collector ... yes can come true! The best quality / price ratio on the market! I always remember that the awards will be made with the priority of booking, even if you will not receive an immediate response ... THE SHIPPING COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED AND WILL BE CALCULATED AT THE COST AS PER POSTAL RATES (GENERALLY € 6.50 PER REGISTERED AND € 8, 25 PER INSURED) FOR MULTIPLE PURCHASES THE SHIPPING COSTS WILL BE CALCULATED ONLY ONCE! I also remind you that I am in vs. available for estimates and appraisals on your individual coins or collections… contact me for the operating procedures. I still remember that every Thursday you can find me in Milan at the Numismatic and Philatelic Exchange in via Camperio 4. You can collect your Vs. purchases (even those made in my Ebay store) see new coins or have yours appraised! Lastly, I still remember that I am always interested in evaluating purchases of your single coins or entire collections, including gold and silver! Hurry up… the usual rules apply (telephone bookings are also valid). Massimo Filisina Numismatica Leonessa Numismatic Expert Brescia Chamber of Commerce Seal Prof. n ° 556 335 6490043