Mailing List 34 also for today an extraordinary Offer Italy Republic and Vatican City

Mailing list nr. 034/2020 Dear friends, dear friends. Yesterday's super offer was apparently very much liked! 500 Lire Caravels completely sold out; still 2 lots of the silver republic commemoratives available! Today we try to "replicate" with other Italian commemoratives and with the Complete round of Divisionals in Lire of Pope John Paul II HAVE FUN and BE VERY FAST TO ORDER THE COINS JUST SEND AN EMAIL TO AND INDICATE THE COINS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN I also wanted to remind you that many adverts have been loaded in our EBAY SHOP! For those who still don't know, you can take advantage of the NET PRICES by contacting us and indicating the coins you are interested in. You will receive your personalized quote at the best market price. Here is the link of the EBAY SHOP Shipments are currently "guaranteed": our. Post Office works every other day So we ship on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays The second batch of Italian "commemoratives" ITALY REPUBLIC LOT COMPOSED OF THE FOLLOWING ALL CONIOUS FLOWERS IN ORIGINAL MINT PACKAGING! 500 LIRE in Silver 1985 EUROPEAN YEAR OF MUSIC In ORIGINAL Packaging Mint 500 LIRE in Silver 1985 YEAR OF THE ETRUSCANS In ORIGINAL Packaging Mint 500 LIRE in Silver 1986 WORLD FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP MEXICO 86 In ORIGINAL Packaging Mint 500 LIRE in Silver 1986 INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF PEACE In ORIGINAL PACKAGING Mint 500 LIRE in Silver 1987 CELEBRATIVE COIN OF THE FAMILY In ORIGINAL Mint 500 LIT Silver Packaging 1987 MODILAI CHAMPIONSHIPS OF ATHLETICS In ORIGINAL Packaging Mint 500 LIT Silver 1988 40th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ITALIAN CONSTITUTION In ORIGINAL Mint Packaging IN TOTAL NR. 7 FIOR DI CONIO PIECES IN ORIGINAL MINT PACKAGING At the price of Euro 49.00 NR 10 LOTS AVAILABLE !! If anyone is interested in single years please let me know ... first priority to the complete lot, then I will also fulfill the other requests! It is from 2018 that I have not proposed it .. and here is our. best offer! The complete tour of the Divisionals in Lire of Pope John Paul II POPE JOHN PAUL II - KAROL WOJTYLA (Pope from 1978 to 2005) For those who want to do first and save! THE COMPLETE TOUR VATICAN CITY - POPE JOHN PAUL II (1963-1978) COMPLETE TOUR OF LIRE DIVISIONALS Issued from 1979 Year I to 2001 Year XXIII nr. 23 Lira Divisional FIOR DI CONIO original Vatican mint set ref. Montenegro 2020 Catalog FOR THE ENTIRE LOT of FDC cards € 1,885.00 FREE Holy Year Set 1983-84 500 + 1000 lire in Silver in mint set At the price of Euro 679.00 fantastic price, the best on the market. Let's see who is the fastest Shipping with express parcel at a cost of € 9.50 Nr. 5 Tours available And while we're on offer, we also offer the Giro del Papa Buono! VATICAN CITY - POPE JOHN XXIII - The Good Pope The Complete Round of Divisionals issued under his Pontificate SERIES OF 8 VALUES WITH THE 500 LIRE IN SILVER IN ORIGINAL CASES MINT 1959 YEAR I 1960 YEAR II 1961 YEAR III 1962 YEAR IV 1962 IV SECOND VATICAN ECUMENICAL COUNCIL FLOWER OF COINING IN OFFICIAL MINT SET - REF. Montenegro 2020 Catalog FOR THE 5 annual SETS EURO 740.00 AT THE PRICE OF EURO 319.00 nr. 5 laps available, extraordinary price only for this time Every collector's wish can come true. The best quality / price ratio on the market! I always remember that the awards will be made with the priority of booking, even if you will not receive an immediate response. I also remind you that I am in vs. available for estimates and appraisals on your individual coins or collections… contact me for the operating procedures. Lastly, I still remember that I am always interested in evaluating purchases of your single coins or entire collections, including gold and silver. Massimo Filisina Numismatica Leonessa Numismatic Expert Brescia Chamber of Commerce Seal Prof. n ° 556 335 6490043